Laerchenhof Katschberg
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A Relaxing Weekend at The Hotel Laerchenhof Katschberg

High up on top of the 1,600-meter-high Katschberg mountain in Carinthia, you find the Hotel Laerchenhof Katschberg.

This 4-star wellness & ski-in hotel offers bright rooms, mountain views, a great restaurant, a pool and a spacious forest-themed spa area.

Besides all these great amenities, the unbeatable price-performance ratio was another reason why my boyfriend and I chose the Hotel Laerchenhof Katschberg for a relaxing weekend getaway.

Laerchenhof Katschberg

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We spent a total of two nights at this wonderful hotel. Enough time to relax our bodies, souls and spirits and fully recharge our batteries.

Location of The Laerchenhof Katschberg

As I already mentioned at the beginning, the hotel can be found on the Katschberg mountain in the state of Carinthia. Carinthia is the southern Austrian federal state which borders Slovenia and Italy.

The easiest (and almost only) way to reach the Laerchenhof Katschberg is by car. However, if you come by plane and land in Salzburg or Klagenfurt, the hotel will happily help you organize a shuttle.

The drive takes around 1,5 hours from either airport.

Our journey took twice as long as we traveled from our home in Lower Austria, one of the most northern federal states.

The time passed quickly tho and I really enjoyed driving through landscapes and villages I hardly ever see.

Our Time at The Laerchenhof Katschberg

The two nights at the hotel were over way too fast and I wish we could’ve extended our stay. Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible as we both had to go back to work the following day.

Despite our (for us) short stay, we left the Hotel Laerchenhof Katschberg more energized and deeply relaxed.

This wasn’t only because of the spa and the other great hotel amenities. The amicable, friendly and helpful employees made us feel very much at home.

Laerchenhof Katschberg

I already knew we were in good hands from the second we entered the hotel.

Champagne? Yes please!

The reception hall looked exactly as I had imagined it.

Let me describe it as rustic, yet incredibly chic and modern country style. Everything was made of larch wood (“Laerche” means larch) which gave it a very warm, cozy touch.

While we did the check-in, the receptionist offered us a glass of bubbling champagne as a welcome drink. Of course, we couldn’t say no and happily accepted it.

After we were done, we grabbed the keys and made our way to the room.

Hallway from the reception to the rooms

Our Cozy Room at The Laerchenhof Katschberg

The first thing I noticed after entering our room was the red wooden heart on the bed. A lovely welcome message was written on it.

Another eye-catcher was definitely the heart-shaped blankets. I’ve never seen this before but it’s such a creative way to add a little extra to the room.

The bed itself was big and very comfy with a soft mattress.
Like mostly everything else in the room (and in the hotel), it was made out of larch wood.

The outdoor photos right above the bed awoke the spirit of adventure to explore more of the Katschberg area. Two small lamps above each bedside table were perfect for a cozy evening of readings.

A wooden wardrobe with a safe, a table, a small bench and a big TV made the bedroom complete.

Hotel room

Our small but beautiful and modern bathroom was to enter from the bedroom. It contained a shower, a washbasin, a small shelf and all the amenities one would need.

Bathroom Hotel Laerchenhof

And if you now wonder why there’s no toilet – it was in a separate room in the hallway. 😉

I hope you enjoyed this virtual tour of our hotel room because now we’re coming to the best part the Hotel Laerchenhof Katschberg has to offer!

It’s Getting Hot in Here!

Nope, it’s not a Magic Mike stripper-group show (unfortunately).

I’m talking about the temperatures of the four saunas and the steam bath in the 1300 m² newly renovated wellness area.

Laerchenhof Katschberg
Our wellness bag with bathrobes, towels and slippers

Whether after an adventurous hike or a long day on the ski slopes, the forest-themed wellness section is the perfect place to relax.

A large relaxation area with separated lounging cabins allows enough privacy in addition.

Relaxation area
Relaxation area

Just a few steps from the relaxation area are three of the four saunas and the steam bath. You have the choice to either try the Finish sauna, the bio sauna or the Swiss pine-infrared sauna.

Each of them has a certain temperature with the Finish sauna being the hottest. We tried all three of them but my personal favorite was the bio sauna.

To be honest, before this trip I always thought I don’t like being in a sauna. I’d never done it before but it was a really nice experience and I actually liked it a lot.

For me personally, the Finish sauna was a bit too hot. Now imagine my face when my boyfriend told me there’s an even hotter one!

Sauna with a View

The spa area is divided into two floors.

On the first floor, you find the relaxation area, the saunas I mentioned before and a luxury jacuzzi.


Nevertheless, the most special part can be found upstairs.

A panoramic forest sauna that reaches temperatures around 100 degrees Celsius is the centerpiece of the entire spa area.

This sauna is the biggest and brightest featuring a view outside. You can even go outside to get some fresh air and cool down after using the sauna. There’s even a lovely sitting area.

Although I found the Finish sauna to be very hot already, I was just too curious to not try the forest sauna. It was a super intense 10-minute session where I sweat out all the toxins in my body.

A quick shower afterward and I felt like a newborn baby.

To make sure no one gets dehydrated, there’s a “refreshing corner” where you get tap water, flavored water, different sorts of tea and apples for free.

Laerchenhof Katschberg

Two massage rooms and private “forest rooms” to chill are also located on the upper floor.
I couldn’t resist getting a 30-minute neck and shoulder massage and it was worth every cent I paid!

Both rooms are completely new and the lovely decoration creates a friendly atmosphere.

massage rooms at the Hotel Laerchenhof Katschberg

I didn’t know how hungry a full day at the spa can make.

If we both weren’t craving the 4-course menu we got for dinner, no one would have gotten us away from the spa!

A Vegan 4-Course Dinner? No problem!

Undoubtedly, the highlight after every spa day was the dinner.

It’s not always easy to get good, nourishing vegan food at hotels. However, when I told the staff at Laerchenhof Katschberg, they assured me it wouldn’t be a problem at all.

They kept their word and I got a completely different, fully vegan 4-course menu on both evenings.

Self-made hummus with bread as a starter, chestnut soup, baked potato with fresh vegetables and a vegan fruit mascarpone cream as dessert.

I really couldn’t complain at all!

The food was incredibly good and my boyfriend, who chose one of the three standard menus, was thrilled by his food just like I was by mine.

Even for breakfast, the choice of plant-based food was more than enough. A buffet with plant milk, soy pudding, bread, jam, vegetables and fruits enabled a perfect start into the new day.

You can Find Me at The Bar …

Another place where you could find us very often – besides the spa and restaurant – was the bar & lounging area near the reception.

Big white couches with pillows, fluffy carpets and a small artificial fireplace create a cozy atmosphere. It’s a wonderful place to enjoy a drink or a cup of coffee.

Bar at the Hotel Laerchenhof Katschberg

In our case, it was mostly the typical Austrian “Weißer Spritzer” which is usually half white (sometimes red) wine and half soda or mineral water.

I highly recommend ordering one if you’ve never tried it before!

What Else to Find at The Hotel Laerchenhof Katschberg

Besides the spa, there’s also an indoor pool and a second, a bit colder jacuzzi.

Yoga courses take place twice a week, either indoors or outdoors. Everyone who wants can join for free.

Couples who want to have the ultimate, romantic experience can book a night at the so-called “Kuschelalm” chalet. This small hut is only a 10-minute walk from the hotel, in the middle of a forest clearing.

In addition, open-air massages and comfy outdoor loungers ensure unforgettable moments.

For more information about the Kuschelalm and outdoor activities such as skiing or hiking, check out the hotel’s website.

Last but not least, don’t forget to visit the hotel’s supermarket where you can buy local food, handmade goods and souvenirs.

Time to Say Goodbye

I don’t know about you but for me, goodbyes are some of the worst things in life.

It’s especially tough when I need to say goodbye to a person I love, a travel destination I have to leave, or a place that feels like home. In this case, it’s obviously the latter.

Our weekend at the Hotel Laerchenhof Katschberg couldn’t have been any better.

From the room to the spa, the food and the service – everything was just simply perfect!

With fully recharged batteries and deeply relaxed we made our way home, with a short stop at the Kölnbreinsperre dam.

Are you looking for another great wellness getaway abroad? Why don’t you check out Resort Svata Katerina in the Czech Republic or Das Moerisch in Carinthia as well.

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