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Where to Stay in Tinghir: Kasbah Taborihte

The oasis city of Tinghir at the foot of the Atlas mountains was one of the many stops we planned on our 9-day Morocco road trip.

Due to its convenient location between the Sahara desert and Marrakech, we wanted to spend a night there and explore the areas around the city.

Tinghir itself is not that spectacular and there’s not much to see. Accordingly, the number of hotels was quite manageable.

So besides searching for all the answers to our questions about what places to see and what car to rent, we now had to think about where to stay in Tinghir as well.

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My friend and I didn’t want to stay at just any hotel we found online.
Our Morocco trip should be something special.

That’s also why we decided to spend two nights at Tiziri Camp in the Sahara desert, for example.

Tinghir was the next stop on our itinerary and we didn’t want our accommodation to be any less amazing than the previous one.

After doing some research, we stumbled upon a 3-star hotel named Kasbah Taborihte. It looked like a huge sandcastle featuring a nice pool and an epic view of the mountains.

Hotel prices in Morocco are really cheap and we knew this but we couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw the price for one night: It was €30 for a double room, so €15 for each of us!

To be honest, I thought there must be something wrong with it because it seemed way too cheap for a place as we saw in the pictures.

Anyway, we booked it and – spoiler – didn’t regret it at all!

Staying at Kasbah Taborihte in Tinghir

If you plan a stop and don’t know where to stay in Tinghir, I encourage you to keep on reading because you’ll find the answer right here, I guarantee you.


Kasbah Taborihte is a bit outside of the city center nestled between rugged mountains. We almost couldn’t find it and drove by because it was hidden behind a lot of palm trees.

Where to stay in Tinghir

To get there, we had to leave our rental car at a small parking lot next to the road.

Pulling our suitcases behind us, we crossed the road and climbed down some stairs until we reached a very unstable-looking wooden bridge.

It was the only way to reach the hotel as it was located on the other side of the Todra River.
So we had no other choice than to cross it.

We were in the middle of the bridge when we suddenly heard a dog barking loudly. Seconds later, the furry friend came and greeted us with a wagging tail.

Kasbah Taborihte

He didn’t leave our side until we safely reached the reception of the hotel. There we did the check-in and got the keys to our room. So far so good, even though I was still a bit skeptical.


On our way to the room, we passed a hall featuring a beautifully-tiled floor and an old fountain in the middle.

Where to stay in Tinghir

Our room itself was not that big and it had definitely seen better times before. Instead of only two beds, it was furnished with two single and one double bed.

The rest of the room was pretty basic: A small bathroom with a shower, a toilet, and necessary things like toilet paper, soap, and towels.

Admittedly, I thought it’d be worse. I mean we had everything we needed. The room was clean and totally acceptable for an inexpensive price of €30.


One of the main reasons we chose to stay at Kasbah Taborihte was the pool. It looked pretty awesome in the photos online and our excitement was huge.

Right after we unpacked, we changed into our swimsuits and headed for a swim.

Where to stay in Tinghir
Kasbah Taborihte in Tinghir

The day we arrived was a public holiday in Morocco and we were the only guests at the hotel.

We enjoyed having the pool almost for ourselves because, besides us two, only the children of the owner were there.

From the pool, it’s possible to access the big terrace from where you can enjoy an incredible view of the Todra Valley and the surrounding mountains.

Todra Valley

We spent the entire afternoon relaxing at the pool until we got hungry and decided to head for dinner.


Because of the public holiday, we weren’t even sure if it was possible to have dinner or not. It was not just any public holiday but one of the most important in the country.

Apparently, it’s common that many hotels don’t offer all their services on days like this because everyone celebrates. We had no other option than simply ask.

The staff was really friendly and insisted on cooking for us. They brought us to a table close to the pool and gave us the menu.

Since we both are vegan, we ordered all the plant-based dishes we could find on the menu: Vegetable tajine, Moroccan salad, and fries.

Honestly, the Moroccan food was so delicious, it was probably one of the best I had during my time in the country!


The next morning we had to get up quite early as we had a long journey back to Marrakech. We told the staff the evening before and they said it was no problem at all and they’d arrange breakfast for us.

As soon as we came to the reception, a guy set up a small table right next to the pool. We took a seat and he asked about our breakfast choices.

It was a bit difficult to explain that we both are vegan so we asked for bread, jam, and some fruits and vegetables. Plus, we couldn’t resist having a soothing cup of Moroccan mint tea and a glass of fresh orange juice.

Breakfast at Kasbah Taborihte
Breakfast at Kasbah Taborihte

Done with breakfast, it was time to pack our bags and leave this awesome place.

Service & Review

From the moment we arrived until the moment we left, I enjoyed my time at Kasbah Taborihte very much. Although I had some mixed feelings at the beginning.

Well, it turned out there was no need for worries at all. The staff was courteous and made a lot of effort to guarantee us a good time.

Moreover, the location and the pool totally blew my mind and staying at this place was definitely something very special. Plus, they had the cutest dog!

For me, Kasbah Taborihte was one of the coolest hotels I ever stayed in. In my opinion, it’s even one of the most unique hotels in the world!

Where to stay in Tinghir
Dog of the hotel

Of course, I can’t compare it to other hotels there but in my opinion, Kasbah Taborihte is the address if you don’t know where to stay in Tinghir.

You really get a lot for very little money.
I hope you enjoy your stay there as much as I did! 🙂

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  1. Wow! Kasbah Taborihte looks absolutely beautiful. I am totally keeping this post handy because I would love to stay here when I eventually make my way back to Morocco in the future. Also, your photos are always so beautiful Alina! 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh you were SO right about it looking like a sand castle!! I had mever heard of this place before but I am sooo staying here now. ?

  3. This hotel, like all the Riad’s in Morocco, looks incredible! I passed through this oasis on the drive through the Atlas Mountains but now I wish I would’ve stayed the night! Now I have something to go back and do in Morocco!

  4. Such a nice place to stay! I went to Morocco in 2013 but I see that there have been some places I missed 🙂 Thanks for the heads up!

  5. This hotel looks gorgeous and so cheap! You got a great deal. I would love to stay there.

  6. We stayed there in May of 2023 and loved it. Beautiful, clean, friendly staff, great food, gorgeous location, and yes, we couldn’t believe the price. Amazing deal.

    P. S. Everyone, if you go to Morocco, please remember to TIP and TIP GENEROUSLY!
    No matter how middle-class we are in the US, we are all wealthy in comparison to most Moroccans. They depend on tourism. Please show your appreciation for the fact that they’re working so hard to make your stay enjoyable and the fact that we’re so lucky we can go there.
    If you have a private driver, tip him AT LEAST $20 per day (we tip more). Guides at kasbahs, camel rides, desert camps, etc. should get $15 to $20 each; musicians should get at least that much; you can give porters, cabbies, etc. less; but please, always, always tip!

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