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Where to Stay in Strasbourg – Boutique Hôtel des XV

The charming city of Strasbourg is located in the French region Grand Est (Great East) and is only a stone’s throw away from the border with Germany.

Due to its perfect location, it’s easily reachable from many German cities.
No wonder I had to visit it when I lived in Frankfurt back then.

As soon as I booked the bus tickets, I searched for accommodation and found the lovely 4-star Boutique Hôtel des XV.

If you’re also planning a trip and don’t know where to stay in Strasbourg – this hotel is your place to be!

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The first time I saw pictures from Strasbourg I thought I’m looking at a backdrop for a movie in the Middle Ages.

All those gorgeous houses and their medieval style fascinated me so much, I knew I have to go there! During that time I was living in Frankfurt and Strasbourg was only a 3-hour bus ride away.

Guess what: I didn’t hesitate and booked a ticket to that charming French city!

With the confirmed booking on my phone, I had to find a place to stay. Usually, I’m fine with a nice Airbnb or Hostel but this time I wanted to spoil myself a bit and went for a “more expensive” hotel.

(Btw, with more expensive I mean € 70 for the one night I stayed there so it didn’t really break my budget).

Honestly, spending a few more bucks on that kind of accommodation was so worth it!

Where to Stay in Strasbourg
Hôtel des XV

Staying at Boutique Hôtel des XV in Strasbourg

It was already late in the afternoon when I finally arrived in Strasbourg. Due to the windy and cold weather, I decided to head to the hotel and explore the city on the following day.


The Boutique Hôtel des XV is located outside the historic old town, in Strasbourg’s emblematic “Conseil des Quinze” quarter.

It’s this part of the French city where you can find the European institutions and the large “Parc de l’Orangerie” (Orangery Park). Latter is perfect if you fancy an extensive walk in nature.

To get to the hotel I took the tram from the central bus station and then walked for about 20 minutes. The time I reached there, I could hardly feel my fingers anymore as they were numb because of the cold.

Luckily, I didn’t have to take this way to get to the city because there was a bus stop right in front of the hotel.

From the outside, it didn’t look like a hotel at all but rather a charming villa in the suburb.

Anyway, I didn’t hesitate too long – my fingers became blue already – and rang the bell. A few seconds later, a woman opened me and welcomed me.

I guess she saw how cold I was and offered me a cup of tea right away. After we did all the paperwork, she showed me the way to my room.


The Boutique Hôtel des XV has exactly 10 different rooms, each one designed individually. Six of them are DELUXE rooms whereas the other four are SUPERIOR rooms.

So forget your boring standard rooms – in this hotel, you’ll stay only in the fanciest rooms. From bright yellow tones to shades of taupe and grey, each room has its own unique energy.

To get to my room, I had to climb two small staircases because it was located on the top floor. I felt immediately comfortable as soon as I entered the room.

On the left side, there was a sloping roof with a table and a chair underneath it. On the table, I spotted a small coffee maker, a kettle and different sorts of tea.

Right next to it was a small sheet with some useful information and – most important – the WIFI password (which was free of course).

Staircase at Hotel des XV
Staircase to my room

It was a very bright and friendly room with decent colors. Underneath another sloping roof, there was a big and cozy 180×200 double bed.

On the right side of the bed was a modern graphic design, giving the room a neat touch. A flat-screen TV with all imaginable channels hung on the opposite wall of the bed.

Where to stay in Strasbourg

The beautifully designed bathroom offered a luxurious rain shower, shower essentials such as shampoo; body lotion; and shower gel, fluffy bathrobes, and clogs.

Boutique Hôtel des XV in Strasbourg, France

After I unpacked everything and rested a bit, I made my way downstairs to the bar of the hotel.

Every day from 3:00 to 5:00 pm, the hotel offers some sweet treats there. Unfortunately, I was too late so I decided to have a drink and chose a lovely red wine for myself.

Don’t worry if you’re not a wine drinker – you can also get a nice glass of champagne, cocktails, different sorts of herbal tea or high-quality coffee.

The room with the bar is also the place where breakfast is served in the morning.

Boutique Hôtel des XV


Speaking of breakfast, besides a breakfast buffet downstairs, there’s also an option to have it delivered to your room the next day. However, you have to tell them by 8:00 pm on the day before.

My journey to Strasbourg was all about spoiling myself so why not start the day right with breakfast in bed?

I told them I’d like to have it brought up to my room and they gave me a small sheet with all the available breakfast options.

After ticking everything I wanted to eat, I told them what time I wanted the delivery and then headed back to my room.

Since breakfast wasn’t included in my room rate, I had to pay an additional cost of €19.

In the morning – right on time and not a single minute too late – someone knocked on my door. I opened it and the staff handed me a tray with all the goods I ordered yesterday.

Honestly, I was so excited because usually, I never have breakfast in bed but use the buffet.

Where to Stay in Strasbourg, France

Here’s what I chose to have for breakfast:
– a pot of tea
– freshly pressed orange juice
– baguette and slices of bread
– two sorts of jam
– different sorts of fruits such as kiwi, melon, blueberries, grapefruit and pomegranate seeds
– plate with vegetables such as carrots, cucumber and tomatoes

Since I’m vegan, my options were limited but I got everything my heart desired. Just some bread with jam, fresh fruits, and vegetables makes me the happiest person on earth! 😀

If you’re not a vegan, you can choose from many non-vegan dishes such as salmon, scrambled egg, bacon or omelet.

Service & Review

All in all, staying at the Boutique Hôtel des XV was a great pleasure.

The staff was super friendly, courteous, and eager to make my stay as nice as possible. I felt heartily welcomed as soon as I entered the door and loved the cozy atmosphere of the small hotel.

So if you don’t know where to stay in Strasbourg, I recommend you to book this place!

Maybe you’ll have more time than me to check out some of the beautiful villages near Strasbourg.

There’s so much more to see around the city and I wish I had the opportunity to explore more of this part and see some of the most beautiful landmarks in France!

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  1. This beautiful hotel is so my style and definitely a place I would stay at when I eventually make my way back to Alsace. I went two summers ago, but didn’t get to go to Strasbourg. It is definitely on my bucket list for when I go back, which I’m hoping is during the Christmas markets. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this wonderful hotel.

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