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8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Poland

If you think of Europe and its most beautiful and travel-worthy countries, Poland probably wouldn’t be on your list right? Time to change that!

Here are some reasons why you should visit Poland and consider this country as your next destination:

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1. It is Less Touristy Than Other European Countries

Even though it’s almost impossible to avoid tourist crowds nowadays – they’re literally everywhere – you can still experience the traditional local feeling in many parts of the country.

Especially if you avoid going there during peak season. I went there at the end of November when winter slowly arrived and Christmas was in the air. Because of the cold and windy weather, it’s not the best time for sure.

However, it’s way less crowded and it has something very magical with all the Christmas decorations.

Poland Warsaw

2. It is Affordable

Compared to the majority of Europe’s touristy places, Poland is probably one of the cheapest ones. You can get really delicious food and good accommodation for fair prices.

Moreover, many cheap airlines approach Poland’s main airports such as WizzAir or RyanAir and public transport within the country doesn’t cost you much either. I took the bus from Krakòw to Warsaw which was around €5.

3. Warsaw Will Surprise You!

Honestly, I didn’t expect much as I left the bus after arriving in Warsaw. However, after exploring it all day and discovering the old and new parts of the city, I need to confess that I even like it a bit more than Kraków.

There are so many cool things to do in Warsaw! The city has just both – the medieval vibes of the old town and the big city feeling with the Palace of Culture and Science, one of the most famous landmarks in Poland.

So whether you decide to spend 24 or 48 hours in Warsaw – or even more – the city never gets boring!

Reasons Why Visit Poland

4. Poland is Rich in History

Whether you put Wawel Castle or Schindler’s Enamel Factory on your Kraków itinerary, visit the Concentration Camp in Auschwitz, or one of the three museums in Warsaw, this country is full of interesting and sad stories.

Thus it should be on the list for every history fan out there!

Wawel Castle Krakow

Definitely have a look at a complete Poland itinerary to not miss any of the major things!

5. The Country is Perfect For a Weekend Getaway

Located right in the heart of Europe, Poland is quickly reachable from almost every European country. If you plan a weekend trip from Bratislava or Budapest, you can even visit Poland by train.

It doesn’t matter if you take the bus, train or plane, it’s very cheap and affordable to travel to Poland, as I already mentioned above.

Reasons Why Visit Poland

6. The Architecture is Stunning!

Poland absolutely wins with its architecture. Most buildings and castles are centuries old and the gorgeous facades of all the houses at the Old Town Market Place in Warsaw speak for themselves.

Even though they were rebuilt after being completely destroyed during World War II.


7. The Hospitality of Polish People is Amazing

If you visit Poland you’ll be heartily welcomed by the Polish. They’re definitely one of the most polite and friendly people because everyone tries to help you as much as they can!

For example, when I went to a local cosmetic store where everything was in Polish, the staff really tried their best to translate everything into English for me and even looked up all the things I didn’t know.

8. Poland Has a Rich Diversity

Poland is in the top ten of Europe’s largest countries. Therefore its diversity is remarkable and there are a lot of different activities to do.

For instance, skiing in the mountains, playing at the beach, or discovering all its beautiful cities and villages. The opportunities are endless and you definitely won’t get bored there!

Reasons Why Visit Poland

If you can think of any other reasons why someone should visit Poland feel free to let me know in the comments below!

I have only seen a small part of this wonderful country and therefore can’t wait to go back and see some more facets!

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  1. Amazing blog, the design is very appealing! I also love the colors and the post about Poland is very informative and makes me wanna go there! Keep goin´! 🙂

  2. Hey Alina! Love your instagram and so stoked to see you have a blog now! These tips for Poland are awesome. Happy travels and happy 2019! Pura Vida, Camille+Niels (CoupleaWanderers)

  3. Loved your blog Alina ❤️ so neat and and informative . Ofc would love to visit Poland in future. Especially the wawel castel and the historical places which has been rebuilted after world war 2. Would love to see more blogs from you ? Have a wonderful and Adventures year ahead:-)

    1. Hello Josh! Thank you so much for your kind comment on my first post. I’m really happy you enjoyed reading it and I can totally recommend to go to Poland! 🙂

  4. I loved Poland for all those reasons! You didn’t mention the mountains though. Zacapane is especially beautiful ☺️☺️☺️

    1. Great post!
      I can personally testify to the hospitality of Poland people, I’ve got a friend there and she’s pretty nice.
      Also, the architecture of the city is nothing short of amazing, thanks for the pictures.

  5. Lovely post, Alina! I haven’t visited Poland but it’s on our list for 2020. It does look beautiful with so much culture and your photographs are amazing! I’d heard that Poland was pretty cheap so it’s good to hear that again! I’ll be sure to update you after our visit! Your blog is looking great, looking forward to following some more of your adventures around the globe!

    Alicia x

    1. Hey Alicia! Thank you for your kind comment. It’s good to hear you’re planning on going there in 2020! It’s a great countey and I’m covinced you’ll like it. Can’t wait for your update then! ?

  6. Poland looks so beautiful Alina! I am definitely planning to visit this country when I travel back to the Christmas markets this year. This makes me so excited. 🙂

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