Solo Travel Benefits & Tips for the First Trip Alone

Solo Travel

For some it means the ultimate freedom.
For some it’s completely unimaginable to do.

– Alina Schweiger

Once Upon a Time …

… when a 19-year-old decided to travel alone to Italy. Unexperienced and filled with curiosity she hopped on a plane to Rome, ready for new and unknown adventures.

It was her first time ever going somewhere completely on her own and she didn’t know what would expect her and if she likes it or not.

Without any concrete plans or itinerary, she spent a few days in the Eternal City, just going where the paths and streets led her.

It was that time when she realized what freedom is.

It was that trip that changed her life forever and made her come back as another person.

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Solo Travel Benefits

Traveling with friends or family is something we all know and we all do on a regular basis. But have you tried going somewhere alone instead?

There are many differences between traveling alone or in a group and the experiences and memories you’ll collect are way more intense and memorable after a solo trip.

But that’s not all of course! Maybe the following solo travel benefits will make you convince planning a trip alone:

1. Solo Travel Means Freedom!

First of all, you are completely on your own. But hey, that’s not something bad!

Being on your own means also you can decide what you want to do, see, and eat which makes the trip more enjoyable.

The weather is bad and you don’t feel like doing a lot on that day?

Well, then just go to a café and watch people all day long!

You’re a history-lover and you’re dying to visit that one museum?

Awesome, go for it!

There’s an epic mountain you want to conquer?

Great, grab your backpack and start your solo hiking adventure!

Solo travel benefits and tips

The decision is totally up to you and there’s no one you have to debate with whether to see this or do that. Solo travel gives you the freedom of deciding what to do whenever you want to do it without being called egoistic or selfish.

Isn’t that awesome?!

2. You’ll Become More Self-Sufficient

Second, it’s a great opportunity to become more self-sufficient since there’s no one who makes plans for you.

It’s you who needs to figure out what time you need to be at the airport, how to get to the accommodation, or what “Yes” means in different languages. Traveling alone forces you to get out of your comfort zone and act more independently.

Moreover, it helps you to learn from your own mistakes. Sometimes it just happens that you screw things up, for example, you forget to apply for a visa.

Don’t worry, this happens to so many people out there but the more often you travel alone, the few mishaps happen.


3. Solo Travel Improves Your Self-Confidence

If you’re a rather shy person, the thought of talking to strangers can be really terrifying. Trust me, I speak of experience.

However, being an introvert is even more of a reason to do a solo trip. It can help you overcome your shyness and grow your personality in a very good way.

Also, don’t forget there are other solo travelers almost anywhere you go. Thus you’re in an environment where people will be more receptive and it’s easier to start conversations with them.

Solo travel benefits and tips

Solo travel really pushes you out of your introverted zone because you simply can’t avoid talking to people during the entire trip. Sometimes you can’t avoid situations such as asking a stranger for directions.

Keep your head up high and approach people with a positive attitude, nothing bad can happen. Even if you make a fool of yourself during a conversation, it’s very unlikely you’ll see the person again.

4. You’ll Learn More About Yourself

Last but not least, solo travel can change your personality in a good way.

Nowadays we’re constantly surrounded by any kind of stimulation, either online or offline. Hardly do we have time to sit down and just focus on ourselves for a longer period.

That’s where solo travel comes into play.

Being on your own – especially in an unknown place – means constantly spending time with yourself and focusing on the person you are.

If you pay enough attention, it can really support self-discovery and it helps you to figure out what you prefer and what you enjoy most in life.


Tips for the First Solo Trip Abroad

Of course, not everything is always as easy-peasy and perfect as it may seem. I had to face enough difficult situations and problems during my solo trips.

After all, unforeseen events happen and we need to deal with them so here are a few tips for your first trip alone:

1. Travel by bus or train – your first solo trip doesn’t need to be to the other side of the world.
2. Plan ahead – it makes you feel better if you start planning early enough.
3. Get a map – just in case your internet won’t work.
4. Stay at a hostel – it’s a great way to meet new people and you won’t feel alone.
5. If you don’t wanna explore a place alone, book a local tour guide
6. Learn a bit of the local language – communication will be easier if you know some basic words and phrases.
7. Be confident, smile, and enjoy it!

Solo travel benefits and tips

Go Out & Breathe The Air of Endless Freedom!

Travel alone is definitely not on the bucket list for everyone out there. However, it’s an incredible, memorable, and educational experience and that’s exactly why you should do it at least once in your life.

So step out of your comfort zone, overcome your fears, and jump into the adventure of solo traveling!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my blog post about solo travel benefits and tips. Tell me, have you ever been on a solo trip and what was your experience?

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  1. My first solo travel experience is a place called Bengalur, out of our state somehow it’s like 6 hours train journey and an exhausting journey too, but it was really great .Every thing is new to me when the first time I visit Bengaluru from people to places , transport to beautiful buildings and architects it’s just amazing. I’m like wow ❤️ whole time in Bengaluru. The whole city is beautiful ,trees are everywhere from streets to highway roads and the whole city is really clean and neat, and transport is 85 % done by online which is really great I feel ,but it’s kinda little bit expensive but it safe for 100%. I really had a whole new experience throughout the whole journey.

    Thank you so much Alina for letting me share my solo travel experience and Thanks a lot for the tips ❤️.loved your blog and would love to see more Informative and more useful blogs like these from you.

    1. Oh that sounds indeed like a very memorable and unique solo travel experience you had! You’ll definitely remember it forever.
      Thank you so much for you kind comment, I’m very grateful for your appreciation 🙂

  2. Find’s echt super, dass du darüber schreibst & vor allem, dass du dich das in deinem Alter traust! ? wir sind zwar nicht so weit auseinander, aber ich kann dennoch von mir selber sagen, dass ich das früher echt nie gemacht hätte, alleine wohin zu reisen! Deswegen bin ich sehr beeindruckt! Liebe Grüße aus Wien, Julia/Jules

    1. Vielen lieben Dank Julia! Es war am Anfang schon ne echte Herausforderung und ich war mir überhaupt nicht sicher, ob ich es machen soll oder nicht. Doch es hat mich echt total viel gelehrt und ich bin dadurch echt auch gewachsen. 🙂 Deswegen kann ich es echt jedem empfehlen!

  3. Hi Alina, this is such a great post! I often travel solo and I totally agree it makes you more self sufficient and about learning some of the local language. It helps a lot! Great information for girls who want to travel solo. Sophie x

    1. Hey Sophie, thank you so much! I’m very happy you agree with my blog post and find the information useful. Solo travelling is something we all should do more often 🙂

  4. I think travelling alone is such a brave thing to do, but I have to admit I’ve never thought of travelling alone closer to home rather than on the other side of the world so that’s a great tip! Definitely something I would like to try in the future ?

  5. My first solo trip was when I was a teenager (now I’m in my 30s). Because Iv been doing it for so long it still baffles me when people are shocked when I say I travel solo and say they could never do it. It’s defo my fav way and so true you end up meeting more people!

  6. YES YES YES! I LOVE solo travel and love seeing others promote it too. For my first solo trip, I booked a roundtrip ticket from Chicago to Paris with NOTHING planned in between. I actually loved that because I would just stay at hostels, meet locals, talk to people, and from my conversations determine where I wanted to go next. Not having anything booked ahead of time also allowed me to stay in one place for as long as I wanted. If I ended up liking a place more than I thought I would, I would just stay a couple of extra days. If a place felt boring to me, I could leave sooner than I would’ve planned for. But totally agree that everyone should at least give solo travel a try because it’s such a big learning and growing experience!

    1. Hey Diana! Your first solo travel experience sounds indeed amazing and very adenturous! I love the fact that you were pretty spontaneous with all your bookings! So happy to see another person love solo travelling 🙂

  7. Respected Team

    During my research for the article Advantages of Travelling Solo for Travel We came across your website and find that really helpful for my article as well as the reader we are targeting. In order to provide the best available information over the internet

    Team FDS

    1. My first solo travel trip was from home to school during my university days, it lasted for almost 2-hours and I got to build my confidence and socialize with people.
      Travelling solo is fun until you need to take pictures then you start begging strangers for shots. ?

  8. My first solo trip was when I was 26, I couldn’t imagine being 19 and going solo! Amazing experience and lessons you’ve learned though.

  9. This is an amazing article Alina and your tips are super helpful. There are so many people hesitant to solo travel and I was one of those people before the year of 2018, but I’m so happy I got out of my comfort zone and just went. Now, there is no stopping me. 🙂

    1. Brings back good memories of solo travel! All of your points ring true for me, I did a lot of growing up on a solo trip when I was younger. Hoping to do it again once the kids are a bit older.

  10. WOW – my first solo trip was when I was 23 – I can’t imagine going alone at 19. That’s brave! Love your tips, though. So helpful for your first trip alone 🙂

  11. Great post! I´ve never travelled completely alone except for some flights and nights in a hotel, but I have travelled as a single mom for a couple of years with my 5-8yo son back then. So I can relate to what you wrote 🙂

  12. Such a good post, thanks for putting it together! I travel a lot but I never really travel solo, I definitely want to do it one day!

  13. Hey Lina! I love all of these insights. My first solo trip was really when I went to live in Barcelona for a month – although I stayed with a host family! Then I went to Prague alone which was pretty fun 🙂

  14. I needed this!!! Have yet to try it, but solo travel just seems so freeing!!! Maybe I’ll pluck up the courage this year! Thanks for all the tips!

  15. Great tips! I have been travelling solo a lot too and it has brought me so much! My last solo travel was moving from the Netherlands to Australia, a big step but it was the one of the best things I have ever done in my life 🙂

  16. These are such lovely tips, I love solo travel and I’m so glad I took that first step a few years ago and did it. Even though I travel with my partner, I always make sure I do at least one big solo trip a year because it’s genuinely good for me 🙂

  17. I love traveling solo! I’ve been traveling solo for 10+ years now, and it really boosts my self confidence. Solo travel is so liberating. Thank you for this post!

  18. Such an amazing post! I love travelling solo and with loved ones – both a great! But I will always make time to do some solo trips, so empowering!

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