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This blog post is written in cooperation with Framey and based on my personal experience using the app.

As a passionate traveler, my bookshelves contain almost only travelogues from around the world, different country guides and atlases.

Of course, I have already read the majority of them two or more times. Yet I could read every single one of them again at any time.

I use many of them to plan my trips, but also as inspiration when I don’t know where to go next.

Yes, travel books are truly great, but they’re heavy and quite expensive in the long run. Moreover, you can’t always carry them with you to have your travel inspiration or already planned itineraries at hand.

Luckily, there are easier ways to create perfect itineraries for your future unforgettable trips around the world!

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One of them is Framey, an all-in-one social networking app that offers users the entire travel experience.

It helps you plan the perfect trip no matter if you prefer to travel solo, with friends, family or your better half. With Framey, you can find the coolest spots, customize your own itineraries and connect with other travel lovers.

Btw, the founders initially started to use the word ‘Frame’ as the name for the app but wanted to add a catchy and unique twist to it so they turned it into Framey!

If you’re already curious and want to start right away, you can download it for free on the App Store for iPhones or Google Play Store for Android phones.

If you’re not convinced yet, keep reading as I will tell you more about its key functions and reasons why I love using it!

5 Key Features of Framey

Framey has numerous great features so let’s have a look at the most important ones!

1. Create a Personal Profile

Just like other social media apps, you first need to create your personal profile. Customize it as you wish so other users can learn more about you and your travel style.

The basic details of your profile should include a profile photo and cover image, your name, your username and enough information about yourself in the bio.

Moreover, you can add your website (if you have one) and the city you live.

During the process of creating your profile, Framey asks you to choose the countries you already visited. The total number and percentage of the world are then shown in your profile.

In my case, it’s 28 countries which are approximately 12% of the world. I think I still have a long way to go! 😀

Right beneath your profile, you find your uploaded images, the attractions you visited and the countries you’ve visited. If you click on a country, you find general information about it and popular destinations to visit.


In the top right corner of your profile, you find a share icon and a gear icon to adjust the settings of your account.

2. Follow Other Travelers

Connecting with other avid travelers can be a lot of fun, whether you’re currently planning a trip or not.

In the beginning, you won’t be following anyone so Framey shows people to follow in the ‘Meet our Creators’ section in your home feed.

These so-called creators are verified users who regularly upload photos to the app and provide high-quality travel content.

As soon as you follow enough people, you’ll see their posts in your home feed.

3. Publish Your Own Posts

Uploading photos to create your own posts is really easy. Simply click the camera icon in the top right corner of your home feed.

Per post, you can add up to 9 photos, choose a location, add a new one, and add a few sentences to describe what you’re sharing.

Publish a post

Once the post is live, it’s shown in your profile and people who follow you will see it in their feed.

4. Look For Places & Attractions

One of the main purposes of Framey is to help users create their dream itinerary. And that’s actually pretty easy!

If you’re looking for certain places or want to get inspiration for your next trip, click on the magnifier at the bottom of the app.

The first option you see is called ‘Top’ with a star and features all the most popular attractions in your area and country but also popular posts from around the world.

Things shown here can include, for example, different museums to visit, the best restaurants to try, hidden gems, etc.

Search option

Besides this option, you can also search for specific users, guides, destinations, attractions and countries.

There’s at least one photo for every attraction, plus it connects you to other photos shared by users of the app.


You even have the option to get exact directions or a ride using your preferred apps such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, Uber, Lyft, etc.

Furthermore, with future updates, there will also be additional information available including the opening hours of the attraction.

5. Save Places & Create Your Dream Itinerary!

To create your perfect itinerary, you are able to save every photo to a personal guide. In this way, you can build your very own dream trip by using pictures that really inspire and excite you!

You can also bookmark already existing guides that interest you so you can always check them again under the ‘Saved’ section.

Saved section

Personal Opinion About Framey

I can honestly say that I love the concept of Framey. It’s well thought out, simple to use and a truly unique app in the travel field.

Yes, some features may remind you of other Social Media apps, but the focus is definitely on high-quality content only.

Framey allows you to really enjoy other users’ photos without the distraction of ads that are so common on other apps, as we all know.

Plus, another benefit is the fact that it’s designed by travelers for travelers so you won’t see a single suggested post that doesn’t match your interest.

Doesn’t this sound like the perfect app for travel addicts like you and me? It’s best to try it yourself! You can download Framey completely for free for iOs and Android.

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Camera Gear: I use a Nikon D5300 camera with an 18-105 mm and a 10-20 mm wide-angle lens to take my photos.

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