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20 Most Beautiful Photos of Burano to Inspire Your Trip

Last Updated on January 12, 2023 by Lina

Whether green, yellow, red, blue, purple, orange or pink – you can find almost all colors of the rainbow on the gorgeous Italian island of Burano.

You’ve probably seen the most iconic photos of Burano featuring the small canal with colorful houses alongside it.

However, not only along the canal you can find such adorable buildings.
The entire island is a whole place of brightly popping colors!

When I first visited Burano and wandered through the streets, I could hardly put down my camera for even one second.

Too many photo opportunities on this island made me run around like a crazy paparazzi following his victim.

The only difference was that I tried to capture the shades of various colors and not stalk celebrities. 😀

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So, it’s no wonder that I now have a great amount of overwhelmingly colorful photos – ready to be shared with you.

Before we dive into the colorful world of Burano tho, there’s one question that needs to be answered first:

Why Are The Houses in Burano so Colorful?

Unlike what many believe, attracting tourists is not the main reason for the colorfulness in Burano.

Well, maybe nowadays, the newer houses get painted in the brightest colors because of this. The initial reason was a completely different one tho.

One of the biggest industries and oldest traditions in Burano is fishing. For many many years, fishing men used to sail in and out of the docks to catch fresh fish.

On sunny days, it was no problem to return back to their homes whereas on rainy and foggy days, identifying the right house seemed to be a minor challenge.

Therefore the people in Burano started to paint their houses in different colors so that fishermen could find their homes easier.

Did you know that?

I didn’t and I was really surprised when I read more about the history of Burano.

Another fun and interesting fact for you to know is that all the houses have to follow a particular color pattern.

This means you can’t just paint your building in whatever color you like. Such a pity …

You even need the government’s permission if you want to change the color of your house.

Choose wisely!

20 Most Beautiful & Colorful Photos of Burano

And now ladies & gentlemen here’s the moment you all have been waiting longingly for:
Here are 20 of the most beautiful and colorful photos of Burano – all taken by me.

I hope they serve you as inspiration for your future trip there and maybe they even make you fall in love with this island already!

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