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25+ Inspiring Photos of Chefchaouen Morocco

What’s your favorite color? Mine is blue.
If yours is the same then there’s one place on Earth you really shouldn’t miss seeing: Chefchaouen Morocco.

You’ve probably seen tons of pictures of it already – especially the iconic blue steps with the flower pots – but if not here are 25+ photos that will make you wanna book a trip to Chefchaouen in Morocco immediately! (Taken all by myself)


It’s time to give you some history lessons about the tourist magnet that attracts hundreds of thousands of people each year.

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History of The Blue Pearl

Before I went to Chefchaouen I expected a small and cute mountain village.

As soon as I did some research tho I found out that more than 40,000 people live in the city located between Tangier and Tétouan.

However, that wasn’t always the case since Chefchaouen was initially founded as a small kasbah – which is a special kind of fortress.

Its roots date back to the year 1471 when it was mainly used as a place to fight the invasions of the Portuguese in the northern part of Morocco.

Years later after the city was defended successfully, people started to settle around the former fortress.

An area of homes and other buildings formed. Especially during the Middle Ages, Spanish moors, local tribes, and Jews inhabited the place which grew bigger from year-to-year.

In 1920 when the Spanish conquered the blue pearl, it became a part of Spain’s territory in Morocco.

Decades later – during the Second World War – many Jews fled from Europe to find a safer place to live. The majority of them left the city pretty soon again to find a home in the Middle East.

Morocco got its city back when the country gained independence in 1956.

Tours you might find interesting:

Why is Chefchaouen in Morocco Colored Blue?

Rumors say the city got its iconic color because of the Jewish culture. They strongly associate the color blue with the sky, which reminds people of heaven and God.

Thus it’s very common to paint various things blue or use a blue dye to color fabrics.

However, that’s not the only possible reason. There are several beliefs and histories including the fact that apparently, the color blue helps to keep mosquitos away.

Some people think the main purpose was to stay cool or to represent the color of the water, whereas others simply claim it was a marketing strategy to attract tourists.

Whatever initial idea people had to color the city blue, I love them and wanna thank them for creating such a picturesque place!

Of course, it’s not only a photogenic city but you’ll find numerous great things to do in Chefchaouen. The combination of that all makes the city a place you can’t find anywhere else in the world!

Now let’s move on to the part of the blog post you all are looking forward to:

25 Photos That Will Inspire Your Trip to Chefchaouen Morocco

I took the following photos all by myself and trust me, I have even more. It was quite difficult for me to pick the best ones but I hope I can give you a small glimpse of the city and its beauty!

If you then decide to put it on your bucket list, I highly recommend staying at least one or two days in Chefchaouen.

Chefchaouen Morocco
blue city morocco
Chefchaouen in Morocco
Oranges in Chefchaouen
Chefchaouen in Morocco
The blue pearl
Blue town Morocco
blue city morocco
chefchaouen morocco
the blue pearl
chefchaouen in morocco
blue town morocco
blue city morocco
the blue pearl
the blue pearl morocco
blue town morocco
blue city morocco
chefchaouen in morocco
the blue pearl
chefchaouen morocco
the blue pearl
blue town morocco
blue city morocco
Spanish Mosque

As you can see, Chefchaouen is even super pretty at night! If you wanna know the best place to watch the sunset check out my detailed 9-day road trip itinerary for Morocco.

The sunset spot is mentioned in there + you can get more detailed information about the blue pearl.

Hopefully, you enjoyed seeing all these photos and I could inspire you to consider a trip to Chefchaouen Morocco. I guarantee you, it’s even more beautiful in real! 🙂

Moreover, let me know which photo you liked the most and I would love to see some of yours if you’ve been there already.

Where to Stay in Chefchaouen Morocco

If you’re in Chefchaouen you should try booking one of the very typical accommodations – called “Dar”. I chose the really lovely and perfectly located Dar Meziana that I can highly recommend!

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  1. Gorgeous photos! I really want to go to Morocco and the potential for gorgeous blue photography is one of my reasons why!

  2. So funny how there isn’t an actual answer as to why the city is blue! I’ve always wondered about this actually. I’d like to believe it’s to keep mosquitoes away haha! Beautiful pictures, Lina!! <3

  3. I absolutely love this blue theme! I can’t believe the whole town is blue. The shot from far away where you get the whole town is incredible. The shops are so cute too. It blue me away! 😉

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